Are your homes built on a concrete slab?

Our standard house is build on a crawlspace utilizing a masonry pier and curtain foundation that is that is 32” high.

We offer slab foundations and substantial savings can be achieved using this method depending on your building site. Meet with one of our home consultants to discuss your options.

If a plan includes a garage, how is the interior finished?

Our garages are completely finished. The walls and ceilings are painted drywall. Any windows or doors have wood casings and there are baseboards where the walls meet the foundation. This is an upgrade option with many of our competitors.

What type of shingles are standard on your homes?

We utilize an architectural shingle by GAF Timberline that boasts a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Other builders typically offer a 20 or 25 year warranty and 3 tab shingles as standard.

Does Freedom Finance?

Freedom Family Homes will work closely with you to partner with one of our preferred lenders that can meet your specific needs. Please look at Freedom Finance under the Freedom Ways tab.

What if I don’t own my own land?

Freedom Family Homes can assist you in the search for a perfect site to complete your dream home. We have been a fixture in Harnett County for almost 40 years, and we build in Cumberland, Harnett, Johnston, Lee, Moore, Sampson, Wake, and Wayne counties within North Carolina.

What features are standard with a Freedom Family Home?

Glad you asked that one! Our list of standards include features many other builders offer only as an upgrade. Be sure to review these features under the Freedom to Enjoy Better Features tab.